Welcome to Linda Greenstein’s Creating Great Books.

This website will help your young writers create engaging , colorful and unique books.

Here you will find mentor text to use in helping your writers present their exceptional work.  Under the tabs above you will find step by step instructions, graphic organizers , book directions  and other suggestions to use with each of the projects.

I am a fourth grade teacher who loves to teach writing and creating books with my students.  I’m also involved in helping teachers discover ways they can use children’s literature to guide their students’ writing and book-making skills.  My most recent workshops are A New Look at Writing: Creating Incredible Writers; and Fold, Twist and Turn: Making Extraordinary Books with Students.

I also enjoy using the Icons of Depth and Complexity in my classroom especially when I am teaching language arts.  Please go to www.jtayloreducation.com for more information and resources.  Here’s an example of Depth and Complexity using the theme of Cinderella.

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